Augmented and virtual reality solutions.

Immersive digital transformation for your business.

Immersive technologies are changing the world of business. We help companies solve problems through creative innovation, gain competitive advantages and operate more effectively. Our design and development capabilities provide a unique opportunity to integrate immersive technologies into your business. And you can find out how easy it is to make complex things simpler.

Our services are designed to be the best for business.


Augbrite approach is holistic and intelligent. Our immersive digital transformation strategy, design and development services are secure, reliable, compatible with any business processes, and easy to integrate. And the work we do to democratize the technology and make complex things simpler, giving you a competitive edge when you need it most.

Augmented Reality Solutions.

A distinctive opportunity for businesses to enrich the experience for customers and employees. Augmented reality is the manner in which digital components blend into a person’s perception of the real world, through the integration of immersive sensations,  which are perceived as natural parts of an environment.


Virtual Reality Solutions.

A fully immersive solution provides remarkable capabilities for your business. Virtual reality offers a deeply engaging communication with your customers, drives efficiency into employee training and offers exclusive reach to the depth of interactions.


Information Engineering.

When mixed with augmented or virtual reality, this field offers genuine power for business solutions. These include artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing, medical image computing, robotics, and telecommunications.


We are an immersive digital transformation provider.

We consistently apply augmented and virtual reality technologies to create solutions that drive businesses forward. Augbrite’s role is to enable clients to develop innovative and thoughtful solutions to complex challenges through an agile, collaborative and interactive, open way of working.

Trusted in 17 Countries.

We’ve advised and consulted businesses in the US, UK, Germany, Australia – all over the world.

Highly Specialized.

We are diving deeply into limited industries and use a specific set of technologies to be among the best.

Totally Transparent.

While we work together you are able to know how every piece of the machinery works to provide your solution.

Get more for less.

While top providers charge a lot for their services, our mission is to democratize innovations – we will make sure the return on investment is best on the market.


Complex made simple.

Innovations don’t have to be complex – at least from the user experience perspective. You will be able to tell your friends what awesome things you integrate into your business.


Holistic approach.

The big picture and small details. Every single detail matters in implementing an immersive transformation solution. And efficient integration is critical for success.


Some of our works.

Take a look at what we’ve done and get in touch for more examples and case studies that we can share privately.

Jaguar F-Pace Dealership Placing. 

Place a virtual car for the augmented dealership capabilities

  • Full-scale Jaguar F-Pace 3D model
  • Markerless AR placing inside car dealership saloon
  • Change colors, rims and other elements
  • Open doors and hood to see what’s inside
  • Drive the car virtually

House Design Visualization. 

Immersive tour to show exterior and interior of different housing designs for display on the construction site of a customer.

  • Import 3D model of house design
  • Markerless AR placing on site surface
  • Walk around and inside
  • Interact with points of interest

Healthcare Education and Training. 

An interactive MRI hospital cell that allows patient education and adaptation, and personnel training and process simulation. 

  • Immersive VR simulation
  • Go around the cell and interact with different objects
  • Custom layout of machinery and furniture
  • Dynamic events and process variations

AR Real Estate Tour. 

An interactive tour in a real estate that allows the client to walk inside the house using Google Street like visualization.

  • A platform to create multiple experiences
  • Clickable points of interest
  • Place the experience anywhere with a mobile device
  • ‘Teleport’ experience available
  • Their CEO was a pleasure to work with.

    Augbrite team and I worked together on developing a VR proposal for the education market. Their CEO was a pleasure to work with on this project. He shared my enthusiasm and vision for the project, and he provided excellent input that took my original concept and made it much, much better.

    Their CEO was a pleasure to work with.
    Mark Stollar
    Chief Executive Officer
    Geeks Rule
  • The team is highly skilled.

    The team is highly skilled. They work in a very professional manner, with good communication throughout the process, and they always deliver on time.

    The team is highly skilled.
    Nick Kraakman
    Co-Founder / Technical Director
    Purple Pill
  • If you're looking for out-of-the-box thinking, dedication, and drive, look no further.

    Augbrite’s CEO is a delight to work with. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box thinking, dedication, and drive, look no further. Yuriy is your man 🙂

    If you're looking for out-of-the-box thinking, dedication, and drive, look no further.
    Ryan McQuinn
    Neon Dolphin
  • Strong analytical, resource planning, project and implementation skills.

    Augbrite’s CEO has a creative mindset, is able to think outside the box, and he has a strong sense for inventing and developing digital products and services. He is persistent, is good at building strong client relations and he has strong analytical, resource planning, project and implementation skills.

    Strong analytical, resource planning, project and implementation skills.
    Jesper H. Møller
    Digital Services Engagement Manager
  • Focus, dedication and strategic way of thinking bring so much value.

    I know Augbrite’s CEO as an exceptional augmented and virtual reality expert. His focus, dedication and strategic way of thinking bring so much value. And he is also a great guy who genuinely wants to help you! If you are thinking about creating an AR/VR product for your sales, marketing or training purposes I will definitely recommend you contact him

    Focus, dedication and strategic way of thinking bring so much value.
    Jonathan Aufray
    Co-founder & CEO
    Growth Hackers

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