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Augment Brightly
We transform experiences in healthcare, retail, print media and real estate domains
Yuriy (George) Pshenychnyy
Founder and CEO @ Augbrite
Hi, my name is Yuriy, I am a Founder and CEO of Augbrite.
Our Team
Tech Lead
Game Producer
JavaScript Game Developer
Digital Marketing Manager
HR Manager
UI/UX Designer
Unity3D Developer
Unity3D Developer
JavaScript Developer
Unity3D Developer
UI/UX Designer
What do we do?
We provide augmented, mixed and virtual reality turnkey solutions and products for B2B businesses. We help businesses to achieve:

> Higher win rates as customers can better visualize products
> Reduced travel costs through shareable XR experiences
> Reduced costs for building prototypes
> Reduced sales motion complexity
> Shorter sales cycle with access to products everywhere at any time
Who we help?
> VP Sales and Business Development: The digital age has created a smarter and more demanding buyer. The modern salesforce needs to adapt quickly.

> CMO and VP Marketing: Any business needs to promote its brand and highlight competitive advantages. Adopting the new medium allows to get the brand to the next level and tell a compelling story to a customer.

> COO: People are a major asset for every company, and training staff is a complex and costly challenge. Using mixed and virtual reality training simulators bring an opportunity for effective and safe interactive training in a simulated environment.

> CEO: Want to stand out of the crowd and visualize your value proposition or enhance your customer experience? We have got many ideas on how you can use AR/MR/VR technology to bring your business to a new level.

Augbrite is all about co-creating products in augmented and mixed reality with our customers. This is the kind of business that attracts the most creative and talented people all over the world, from both sides of the business. We have great people in-house and great partners around the globe.

We have started this company for customers, who are passionate about their businesses and always want to conquer another peak and be among the best. That's the business that inspires people and produces the highest outcomes on earth.

I have teamed with the most talented people from my other companies and partners around the globe and built a team of champions, who are creative, hardworking, and never stop on their accomplishments.

While augmented reality is on the hottest technology directions for today, Augbrite demonstrates brilliant ideas and strides on how to use this top-notch technology in marketing.

First of all, we are H2H company which boosts AR/MR technologies to the business. We stay ahead of the curve of the trendy technologies, keep moving forward and open new doors for our clients.

Augbrite provides the cutting edge solutions on the market by pushing boundaries of what is currently possible for us as professionals. We are ready to tackle all of the challenges that stand on the way to our client's total satisfaction with a product.

Augbrite creates unique and interactive content which will extend your audience and multiple sales channels. It will make a great connection between a brand and consumers.

With the help of Augbrite you will enjoy revenue growth as a result and see how AR works indeed and not in name.