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What if HBO implemented our ideas for "Game of Thrones" for the final season Augmented Reality campaign?
The winter has officially come — already on April 14, HBO will present the latest season of the most popular TV series in the world! The HBO says: "The creators of the series have made six full-length films — this is very spectacular!" Using this occasion our team wants to share our thoughts on AR ideas that could be potentially used for GoT promotion campaign!
The main goal of a promotion campaign of such kind is both promoting the series itself and heating up the atmosphere before the final season premiere, of course, — to make fans even more excited about the whole thing. Which means that this sort of campaign should amaze, amuse and capture attention of every single fan. Such conditions are perfect for using number one innovative technology — Augmented Reality, ladies and gentlemen!

In our humble opinion a real-deal solution that will definitely cause WOW-effect among the fans is launching dragons in the sky of Paris, for example, — so that when users open the app and point a phone at the sky they can see dragons flying in circles around the Eiffel Tower and
breathing fire, ready to attack, or snooping down on Champ de Mars, bridges, and rooftops.
Augmented Reality for Events
Another concept is an AR application that will make you feel like a part of the GoT universe as well. It creates conditions for you to relive the experience that Cersei has felt before her severe battle with Daenerys! By using an interactive AR map, you can plan the fights, decide what territories to capture, and then project the Wall and look at your battle in a real size — with white walkers, dragons, and giants, etc.
Augmented Reality for Events
You can invite your friends to participate and raise the real army of GoT followers! Or you can come face to face with white walkers in the flesh. When you run an AR application you see them coming at you, the wind is blowing on the phone screen, you can almost feel the cold on your skin, white walkers keep approaching persistently and suddenly — they vanish! Where did they disappear? Oh, watch out — they are already behind you!
Augmented Reality for Events
Also, taking into account that "Game of Thrones" earns money on their own merch — starting from cloths, figurines, toys, backpacks, puzzles, and ending with bottle openers, it will be an awesome experience for fans to be able to bring these statuettes to life using an AR app — just by pointing your camera at figurines of different characters you can communicate with them or listen to their stories. If go further you can dress up the statuette in GoT's own merch — (for instance, you can clothe Jon Snow in a T-shirt with Mother of Dragon's portrait) so it'll look like
they all are seasoned fans of the series themselves!
Augmented Reality for Events
In order to kill the boredom of a long expectation before the release of the final season, the team of the series has released a creative merch — eight types of Scotch whiskey: each bottle for each season. The design of a particular bottle is associated with the houses from the series. With the help of augmented reality technology and a mobile application, it's possible to animate the labels of these bottles, so that, for example, members of each house will be able to briefly remind you what has been happening with their houses throughout the previous 7 seasons or what crucial events have
Augmented Reality for Events
taken place, so you won't miss out on anything before watching final episodes.

And the last but not the least idea is an implementation of the Tamagotchi model and creating an AR simulator application where you can raise and look after your own dragon or dire-wolf or lizard-lion or any other creature from your favorite series you have fondness for. For instance, this app will allow you to observe how your dragon grows from the hatching stage into a full-fledged adult dragon. If the users properly care about their animals during their childhood, then in 14 days they will become a full-grown adult specimen!
Augmented Reality for Events
Augmented reality will completely revolutionize the whole idea of advertising and promoting new movies, series and TV shows. Using AR, broadcasters can attract viewers' attention to the entire campaign, by animating it. In this case, users scan objects in the real world with their phone cameras and discover additional content relevant to the upcoming premiere that enhances the overall excitement before the release date. All innovations that are taking place now are the synthesis of the arts, the use of such technology as augmented reality becomes more popular in terms of on-line interaction with the audience. This facilitates the increase of cinephile's attraction all around the world, as AR makes every experience special, fascinating and personalized. Soon even watching films will reach a new level.
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