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How to Get the Most Out of Augmented Reality in Marketing
Augmented reality (AR) has a large number of applications. Remarkably, the use of AR in marketing to promote products and services comes first.

According to the Tecnnavio analysis on the for mobile AR market in 2017–2021, generally augmented reality is used for marketing and advertising purposes. The share of the AR advertising market is around 43% of the total size of the mobile augmented reality market.

Let's find out what makes augmented reality so attractive to modern marketers.
Why is AR more effective than traditional marketing instruments?
First of all, ads using the augmented reality easily overcome advertising blindness and capture the attention of customers due to the unusual modern format.

Advertising with the help of AR forms an emotional connection with the consumer through personalization and direct interaction of the user with various advertising elements.

An essential advantage of advertising with augmented reality is usefulness for the customers.

AR ads can benefit consumers with the relevant helpful information, virtual fitting of clothes, cosmetics, or accessories, comfortable selection of furniture or interior items, a virtual test drive of a vehicle, and much more.

Moreover, according to various studies, companies that promote their products and services with the augmented reality have a positive image for customers up to 30 years. Young people are more inclined to buy a product that is advertised through AR than through traditional advertising methods.
Advertisement of Coca-cola using Augmented Reality
How to use AR in the marketing campaign?
It is crucial to choose a proper way to use augmented reality technology to create the most effective advertising campaign. Below, we will study the most popular applications of augmented reality in marketing, which you can successfully implement in your promotion campaign.
Large-screen AR advertisement
Large-screen AR advertisement is a commercial that is broadcast in public places to capture the widest potential audience. Such advertising is well suited for products and services of daily consumption.

An outstanding advantage of a large-screen augmented reality ad over mobile AR advertising is that the users do not need to install any applications on their phones. At the same time, the use of various interactive elements in large-screen AR advertising creates a sense of personalization and emotional connection with the brand, which is very difficult to achieve with the help of traditional outdoor advertising.
Virtual try-on
Virtual fitting is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to multiply the conversion rate and reduce the return rate of goods.

Retail market experts predict that in the next few years AR try-on will become a common practice. For example, Facebook and Instagram have already launched AR advertising campaigns in association with major beauty brands.

In the meantime, while advertising campaigns in social networks are not accessible to everyone, you can design your augmented reality app for the virtual fitting of your products.
Augmented Reality in the supermarket
Connected packaging
Connected packaging is the packaging enhanced with texts, interactive graphics, three-dimensional videos, games or any other content by specialized augmented reality apps.

Smart packaging is suitable for promoting any type of product. AR packaging efficiently performs the following functions:

● increases sales of a particular product, offering a route to the nearest store, or even directing the user to a shelf with these goods;

● builds customer loyalty by providing related useful information;

● stimulates after-sales, for example, informing the buyer about discounts or reminding to replenish stocks.
Print campaign with AR
With the help of augmented reality, you can revive a static advertising campaign in print media. Now, magazines are creating unique issues, enriched with interactive AR content, to attract the attention of a young audience.

Also, a print campaign with augmented reality is excellent for selling premium products and services. For example, AR apps that complement advertising brochures are successfully used to promote tourist destinations, hotels, business flights, and cars.

We have considered only a small part of the possibilities of augmented reality in marketing. If you are interested in creating AR advertising campaign, we will be glad to guide you and help you choose the best option to suit your business goals.
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