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Augmented Reality Implementation at Exhibitions, Trade-shows, and in Promotional Campaigns
Various exhibitions and conferences, trade-shows and promos, are a good opportunity to establish business contacts, get new customers and emphasise the advantages of your company over competitors. Usually, a way to stand out from the crowd sets the focus of the exhibition. But transportation of equipment with its subsequent deployment on the site is quite an expensive process and the site, which is important, must be of a certain size. In addition, in this way, you will differ little from most of your competitors. In this case, the solution is augmented reality technology, which over the past few years has been an effective generator of traffic on the stand for any mass event.
To create a truly memorable presentation is becoming more and more difficult with every passing year — the modern visitor of the exhibition is practically not surprised by anything and does not feel much enthusiasm even from the most expensive and colourful stands.

In the struggle for the viewer's attention, it is important to use all available means. At the same time, the exhibitor must not only attract a visitor to the stand but also in an accessible and easy way to acquaint him with the company's products and services.

Complex equipment, integrated systems, services that cannot be "touched", development plans, exhibits that cannot be presented in the trade-show format due to their miniature or, on the contrary, gigantic size. All this becomes visually attractive and interactive in augmented reality format!

The technology of augmented reality allows the audience to be involved in a fascinating performance unfolded in any pavilion, shopping centre, and exhibition. The main distinguishing feature of a promotional campaign with augmented reality is that the audience personally interacts with virtual characters or objects, affects their behaviour, and by their example, the other visitors of the trade-show are attracted to the stand.

Promotional campaign with augmented reality generates a crowd of people ready for a contact around the stand.
Augmented Reality for Events
To interact with augmented reality, a person or a group of people just need to stand at a certain camera angle and interactive virtual characters will appear on the screen in front of them.
How does augmented reality work at exhibitions and trade-shows?
There are two main formats of augmented reality presentation at the exhibition. The first format is a compound stand, that can be implemented either in contactless interactive presentations or interactive tables. The compound stand consists in capturing movements and posture of a person with special cameras. It is designed for a wide audience of participants. The main content is video, animation, 3D-objects.

Broadcasting of the interaction of a physical object with the objects of the virtual world on the big screen attracts a lot of attention. And even though a smaller part of the audience shows activity, the rest will be interested and come closer, where the managers of the company will meet them. At the same time, you will increase the loyalty of the audience if you give a souvenir to the direct participants. This may be an online consultant or a virtual fitting room.

Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
The option of a contactless interactive presentation is set up in the following way. At the stand are installed: a large-format screen, a powerful computer, and a contactless controller. The user steps into the visual range of the controller, that is indicated by a special marker on the floor of the stand. Characters or objects appear on the screen in augmented reality, along with the user, so the user can interact with them and even take pictures.

The option of an interactive table is established as follows. At the stand are installed: a large-format screen, a powerful computer, a video camera, a presentation control panel (touch panel), and several tablets. Using the touch panel, the user controls the presentation and the results are displayed on the screen. The touch panel can be replaced with a joystick and switches, made by individual design. In order not to stand in line, users can watch the presentation in the mobile version using tablets installed on the stand. The second format is mobile. Mobile application is launched on exhibitors' devices. It can also be downloaded on an individual gadget. The number of actions is limited only by imagination and budget — flat 2D objects, 3D volume models, virtual buttons, animated events, video clips, interactive components and much more.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
An application with augmented reality is the best way to speed up communication with the consumer: information appears in front of him instantly, no matter where in the world he is. In addition to the entertainment, mobile applications with augmented reality help to clearly and visually tell about the most difficult things, whether it is a collider or a drilling rig. The object will appear in front of the user and will be able to tell about itself, give instructions on its use and involve a user in interaction.

  • Solution bundle for augmented reality in the mobile format:

  • Mobile application. Recommended platforms are Android and iOS.

  • Equipment. Mobile or tablet device with a camera and the corresponding operating system.

  • Place. For attracting attention and convenience of the target audience, it is recommended to organise the space inside and in front of the stand to the extent that resources allow.

  • Marker. Virtually any contrast image with a sufficient amount of detail can act as a marker.

  • Promotional materials. Distributing promotional materials with a marker will help to expand geography and provide broader reach to the audiences.

An exhibition flyer and a mobile application with augmented reality, installed on a visitor's smartphone, will make it possible to overcome the boundaries of a stand and reach a person at home or at work, exponentially increasing its outreach to the audience and the area of information dissemination. Big format causes a huge WOW effect, but the ratio "amount of useful information — budget" is unambiguously in favour of the mobile format.

Thus, the augmented reality at the exhibition will allow (at a minimum): to draw attention to the stand; to engage the target audience; to present company's services and products in an interactive form; to stand out from the competitors.

Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Today, in a rapidly changing world where it is difficult to "catch" a potential customer, technologies of augmented and virtual reality are playing roles of magic wands for brands. The world of X Reality is still perceived as fiction, but already inevitably creeps into our everyday life.

Nowadays, the main users of alternative reality content are people younger than 34 years old. According to experts, it is approximately 200 million users worldwide. They actively use smartphones and social networks. But by 2021 it is predicted that two-thirds of smartphone users and social networks will interact with AR/VR in one way or another, regardless of age.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
9 out of 10 companies are already interacting with augmented reality technology, and every tenth company in the USA has already successfully implemented AR projects in promoting their brands.

Categories Fashion, Luxury, Beauty, Commerce, and Entertainment are the first ones to use new technology. Companies from the categories FMCG, Household appliances and Electronics, Restaurants and leisure, Traveling are more cautious. These categories plan to use AR in their advertising campaigns in the future, but already are using the experience of the first adopters.

Previously, advertising was telling a story, but now with the help of AR/VR technology, a new trend called Story-living has appeared. In such activities, the user can become part of the story, live it, and even more — to influence its development. Especially valuable is the fact that a powerful emotional connection occurs due to interactivity, the user remains filled with the emotion and thoughts that you wanted to evoke and settle in his mind.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." (Confucius). It is the moment of "doing", "interaction" that allows a person not only to memorise, but also to grasp the essence. In addition, according to statistics, standard advertising, exhibition or promotional campaign attracts the attention of a person for an average of no more than 7 seconds, and solutions with AR/VR technologies can hold attention for up to 2 minutes or more.
7 benefits of using augmented reality:
1. Ensures user interaction with the object on an intuitive level.

2. Allows you to provide information here and now. Does not require special skills and knowledge to view it.

3. Shows what cannot be shown in familiar ways.

4. Makes it easy to change the colours and textures of the object through the application interface.

5. Allows you to mix virtual objects with the real environment while staying indoors.

6. Image marker can be of any format and can be easily printed out.

7. AR application and image marker can be sent by e-mail to any place in the world and posted on the website.

There are a lot of ways to effectively use augmented reality during the exhibition, conference, trade-show and promotional campaign. Virtually any of your wishes can be fulfilled with the help of this technology. You can briefly describe your objectives to us, and we will promptly find the best way to implement them!

If you are ready to turn you concept into a marketable AR product, we invite you to partner with us. We bring innovative solutions to companies around the world, and we specialize in AR technology. Our world-class developers are experts in AR platforms, mobile app development, and in creating feature-rich solutions that are also scalable and robust.

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