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What if Develop Business Cards Platform with its Further Transformation into an Independent Social Network?
So far everyone has business cards, but, most likely, for historical, not pragmatic reasons. Their main drawback (besides the fact that they are made of paper) is the inability to update information straightaway. If only a person changes the place of work, then thousands of issued printed business cards immediately turn into trash. But these were old-style business cards that are becoming a thing of the past and giving a way for a new format online interactive cards. Recently business contacts are starting increasingly moving to social networks or electronic media, hence business cards platform of the future combines augmented reality, social networks and applications for smartphones all
in one place.
In the view of the fact that the digital and material worlds keep on merging, we begin noticing integration of technologies and printed marketing materials such as business cards because of a natural process of unstoppable progress. In the 21st century each business has to think in advance how it will be making business connections and exchange information with its potential clients and consumers in the near future.

While to many people business cards may seem a relic of the past, there are circumstances (for example, if you run into potential business contacts at a trade show or during a swift sales visit) when you still have need of a business card to be handed over to a person for them to get your contact details for future follow-up. Business card is not a plain scrap of paper anymore but a miniature resume instead which makes it possible providing a greater deal of information than ever before.

And in order to make stronger connections for your business you may convert printed business cards into an exquisite promotion of your goods & services by placing additional information, such as: active links to your website, mail and social networks.; buttons "Buy Now" or "Learn more"; YouTube videos about the promoted goods and services; give customers the opportunity to look at the product you're offering from different angles by linking card with your product catalogue, or tell them about the benefits of your services through a real time video; sharing a resume with an additional
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
detailed description of completed projects and 3D models of their releases; any promotional materials (flyers, roll-ups, banners) with a secret promo code for a discount, which is visible only through augmented reality application, etc. This is how augmented reality business card can be used to promote not only you but your business as well, and as you can see, the possibilities are very large and in the end are limited only by your fantasy.

The above illustration very much resembles of a social media network, do you agree with me? We have a personalized profile on a business card surface that can be represented by the same photo or headshot you use on your social media sites to connect them visually plus we have the immediate access to the Web; we have all means of communication here from your personal number to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles, which gives an opportunity to chat and conduct conference calls right away — another elementary feature of a social network; any respectable social network has a feed collecting all visual materials (selfies, videos, stories, etc.) in one place/stock — in our social network instead of selfies and pictures of food portfolios, videos and presentations of your completed or ongoing projects with accompanying 3D model visualization, or other relevant graphic content would be used.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Imagine any conference, meetup, fair or similar event. After speakers finish their presentations, spectators are looking forward to a coffee break to eat chat with the speakers or other listeners. Someone is looking for developers, someone is looking forward to invest some money, someone just wants to collect opinions about the usefulness of his startup, etc. People get into the cycle of communication with the hope of establishing profitable business contacts. Although many people exchange paper business cards, most of them end up in the urn later. But as soon as augmented reality integrates into the world of social networks, such problems will no longer arise as business card will become interactive, more informative and consequently more necessary.

Since our social network's target audience is businessmen, that is, people who often participate in such kind of events, so in order not to lose the opponent's contact information if a paper business card went missing (in our hectic world anything can happen), the scanning function would just appear useful — that is, the ability to quickly scan a paper business card right at the conference, after which its data immediately goes to the social network where all information is stored and the person will not only keep the contacts of the new acquaintance safe, but also be able to familiarize himself
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
with his activities and projects in more detail.

So, the first-line objective for us now is to trod a different path for business cards in the modern corporate world, make them up-to-date and fresh again. Design your card in a way that will stick it out from others, AR technology is at your service to do so and its potential is very promising in this part of business world. So, invite your contacts to carry on connecting with you and establishing your business relationships by means of the social networks, either existing ones or the ones that have to come!
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