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Augmented Reality for Architecture, Building Design, Urban Design, and Landscape Design
Promote architecture projects, communicate visually with customers and provide interactive overlays on the actual terrain with Augmented Reality
Hi, I'm Alex, a chief architect of an architecture design company. We create award-winning designs of buildings and landscape, and I see a big potential in using Augmented Reality for promoting our projects. I can see how much value it can bring as a tool for on-site visualization, presentation, and communication with my customers. It will be much easier to work with my clients because they can immerse into the project and see all the features of the design.

I know that it is seamless to use the models we created with CAD software and display them in real size with the augmented reality application both on tablet and mixed reality headsets.

I've heard that many Fortune 500 companies are investing in AR experience for their products and I'm ready to experiment with this technology to extend my journal capabilities.

I would like to evaluate the capabilities of Augbrite offering, so here is what I want, and I still have some questions and doubts.

Cheif Architect
On-Site Housing Design with Augmented Reality
Has your customer ever wondered how your architecture design would fit his land property? With augmented reality, you can show off your beautiful house design together with your customer, highlight features, points of interest and how naturally it fits the spot. You can even walk inside!
On Site Housing Design with Augmented Reality​
Augmented Interior Design
Design your interior with augmented reality! With just a few taps you can place new furniture inside the apartment and see how your home is transformed with a new look. This solution allows you to co-create together with your customer.
Augmented Interior Design​
Alex wants to achieve the following
I want to present our designs and inspire customers with visual content in 3D space. I want to communicate features visually with my customers.
I would like to be able to make comments to my design on site together with my customer. I would like to increase customer satisfaction.
I would like to display and up-sell products for buildings and landscape from my partners. I would like to highlight features like smart-house items.
I want to make my customer more satisfied with my work and to get recommendations to work with other people.
I want a competitive advantage over other architecture design companies.
I've heard its quite expensive, isn't it too early to start?
It really depends on the features that you want to include in the experience. The pricing is flexible and depends on the number of features you want to include. Thanks to using our AR platform and 3rd party frameworks, our AR products are affordable for most businesses.
If that's affordable, can I get the world-class quality?
The affordable cost is because we use Augbrite AR platform, 3rd party frameworks and required optimal amount of custom work. The quality is a major component of AR experience, and we work with the top designers, artists, developers and product managers. Our prices are competitive, and not cheap, you can find cheaper offers on the market.
I am not sure about the good ROI of the experience!
You do not have to build a complicated and costly experience at once. We recommend experimenting with AR by iteratively adding features, because analyzing consumer behavior and activities gives you measurements and insights on how to improve the ROI.
I am afraid that it would be expensive to add more content to the AR experience!
It really depends from the content you want to add. Usually you will already have all the 3d content from your CAD software. It might need some optimization in case you would like to use low-end hardware, that's why we recommend to use high-end tablets and MR headsets for the experience. In case you would like to add some unique content, we have a flexible approach to pricing, and can provide you with a big discount for the pilot project and once we setup a long term relations.
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There are multiple features available for your AR experience, let's start reviewing it one by one
3D visualization and overlaying
This is a main feature of the experience. Your customer will be able to take the 3D model of architecture design that you created, and render it on his land property. This will allow to bridge the gap between the design and real world and let customer to walk around and even inside of the design.
Social network sharing
Social network sharing is the nice to have capability of the application. By liking the experience in social networks, customers will promote your company and brand.
Usage analytics
Usage analytics is another valuable add-on to the application. You will be able to track all the user activities and attention he put into some specific parts of the experience.
3D animations and interactive elements
Animations and interactive elements can be added to the experience to showcase or highlight some points of interest of the design, for examples the advanced technology used for the building management. A customer is able to interact with the animation taping the part of animation to get additional information. Another good example of this feature is showing different layers of the architecture design, including floors and infrastructure elements.
Augmented Architecture Design
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