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We've been working across multiple industries, including healthcare and medicine, industrial manufacturing, automotive, real estate, retail, print media, and others.
House Design Visualization
Visualize exterior and interior of different housing designs for display on site of the customer.

- Branded iOS and Android application
- Import 3D model of house design
- Markerless AR placing on-site ground
- Walk around and inside
- Interact with points of interest

On Site Housing Design with Augmented Reality​
Interior Design
Design rooms with a catalog of furniture and other interior elements.

- Branded iOS and Android application
- Import 3D models of furniture and decorative elements
- Markerless AR placing on a floor and walls
- Walk around and see how new items fit your room
- Save and export designs
Augmented Interior Design​
Jaguar F-Pace Dealership Placing
Place a virtual car for the augmented dealership capabilities

- Full-scale Jaguar F-Pace 3D model
- Markerless AR placing inside car dealership saloon
- Change colors, rims and other elements
- Open doors and hood to see what's inside
- Drive the car virtually

Jaguar F-Pace Full Size​ in Augmented Reality
Toy Car in AR
Make a toy more engaging with augmented reality

- Scaled Jaguar F-Pace 3D model
- Changing colors and car parts
- Animated features and sound effects
- Move the model around while visual effects stick to the toy
Augmented Toy Car Model
Retail Brand Storytelling and Advertising
Create a customer facing experience to promote the product and brand

- Promote a product with AR
- Tell a story about the brand
- Display advertisement, assembly guide or unwrapping video
- Win a lottery by viewing the content or sharing your experience
Retail Product Promotion with Augmented Reality​
Augmented Entrepreneur Magazine
Add interactive reading to a printed magazine: video, 3d models, interactive elements

- Augbrite's AR platform showcase (in development)
- create and distribute your own AR experiences
- scan a page and display video or image
- promote your own experiences via social sharing
Augmented Entrepreneur Magazine
AR Real Estate Tour
A tour in a real estate with 360 photos that allows client to walk inside the house using Google Street like visualization.

- A platform to create multiple experiences
- Clickable points of interest
- Place the experience anywhere with a mobile device
- Browser view available
Augmented Real Estate Tour
Healthcare VR for Education and Training
An interactive MRI hospital cell that allows patient education and adaptation, and personnel training and process simulation. The patient and personnel can explore multiple scenarios for a particular process and validate the steps required for the procedure.

- Immersive VR simulation
- Go around the cell and interact with different objects
- Custom layout of machinery and furniture
- Dynamic events and process variations
Heathcare VR for Education and Training
VR Baseball Game
VR Baseball simulator built for HTC Vive headset. We implement a unique algorithm for tracking real baseball bat with attached HTC Vive Tracker. We implemented a full-size 3D model of a real baseball stadium and all 3D models.

- Realistic ball flight physics and flight speed
- Hit simulation and scoring system
- Judge's, reserved players, pitcher and catcher behaviors;
- Algorithm for a camera to follow the ball and to define hit types
- The stadium provides changeable advertisement image/video placeholders
- Data collection
- 3D-modelling

AR Soccer Game
Featuring an interactive game solution, that allows the users to play soccer using their own foot. Our developers implement computer vision algorithm for fast foot tracking and created integration between CV and physics engine to add a real feel physics to the game.

- Mixed reality cross-platform soccer game experience
- Integration of computer vision framework
- Foot movement detection and physics integration
- Gamesparks backend integration
- A framework for different game scenarios
AR Multiplayer Game
A markerless AR multiplayer game which will keep you racing against mice, or running away from a cat, wandering around a garden maze. The game consists of creating/join multiplayer logic, AR setup and the game itself.

- Network users connection. Two players set up a game while being in the same or different locations - a room or a backyard.
- Maze matching. Players may be on the same environment and see the maze from their devices in the same place or whatever worldwide and see each other maze.
- Random maze generation. For each new session, the game creates a unique maze to make gameplay interesting.It does not only generate floor and walls but also randomly generates game environment such as rocks, boxes, plants, barrels, etc
AR House Guide
This is an AR solution for hosts that works as an alternative for traditional ways to show accommodation. It allows you to provide necessary information about home appliances located within the apartment, user manuals, hidden items, wi-fi passwords — anything your guest might want to know while living in the house.

- Scanning part of the application remembers all the key things in the rooms as you go around with the application
- House owner can place points of interest, text, images and video attachments
- The guide part of the application will display all the configured information and guest will be able to use it during the stay
AR Multiplayer Game
This is a markerless multiplayer AR game which gives the ability to kill alien invaders in AR for up to 10 simultaneous players. This game uses AR relocalization to show same AR content in the same real space places for each network player. We implemented game logic of connecting players to game room, scanning of real space by the main player and relocalization for everyone else, game logic of spawning enemies, shooting, moving, etc.

- Have fun together up to 10 players
- Same location of a gaming
- Dynamic events and conditions
Augmented, mixed and virtual reality for your business
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