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How Much does it Cost to Develop AR Product for Architecture and Design?
Augmented reality is one of the best innovative tools to advertise your business. Today, this technology is actively used in the field of public safety, health care, tourism, marketing, as well as in many other industries. According to Digi-Capital, the development of augmented reality will be three times more profitable than VR, especially for corporate users. The huge growth of this technology over the past few years attracts huge investments in augmented reality development applications. The future has come!
In this article we will review some common cases for architecture and design.

Today, with the advent of new development markets, many architects are interested in prices for augmented reality development. That's why today I will give a brief explanation on this issue. At present, enterprises must look for innovative and efficient ways to remain competitive and grow beyond their traditional core business and many see augmented reality as a good opportunity to do so. Companies are beginning to creatively use augmented reality technology in their marketing strategy and clearly see the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

AR technologies will help to demonstrate complex technical processes visually and captivatingly, vividly present any product or service, and significantly facilitate the learning process. What tasks does AR solve?

  • Gives competitive advantage — you are always one step ahead, when using innovative technologies;

  • Users engagement — users involvement increases loyalty to your brand;

  • Presents information in a clear and explicit way — a understandable and informative approach excites the curiosity of users;
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
  • Simplifies processes — makes the process more accessible to the customer.
The cost of developing an AR application for each project depends on the scope of and is calculated individually on the basis of the solution objectives. The main goal when working on an augmented reality project is to create the strongest WOW factor that completely immerses a person in a new information and forms the strongest emotional impression.

Architecture and design cases

If you want to develop a simple augmented reality application for architecture and design, it can be created by one developer in just 2-3 weeks. This augmented reality solution provides a visualization of the 3D model of a building by pointing a smartphone's camera at the 2D plan, architects business card or the printed portfolio of real estate construction firm. Generally a simple AR application can be quickly implemented if 3D models are ready.

Architectural visualization or 360 tours can be created both in VR and AR development modes. On such augmented reality tour, potential buyers can examine how the building will look even that it's have not yet been built. In general, 3D modeling and application development can take about 6-8 weeks.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
The next generation of architectural and real estate visualization is inside/outside mapping and navigation solution. Having a smartphone in their hand and such a product, customers can easily find a way to their destination, even in an unfamiliar place. Development of an mapping and navigation solution for a complicated object will take at least 2 months.

The approximate costs of these applications will be as follows:

  • A simple augmented reality application without 3D modeling services — from $5,500

  • 360 virtual tour — from $8,500

  • 3D architectural visualization — from $8,500

  • Mapping and navigation solution — from $ 16,000

Below you can get familiar with approximate AR development hourly rates worldwide.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Summing up, if you want to save money in order to invest it into marketing your product, the best solution for you will be to hire application developers in Asia or Eastern Europe. For example, in Ukraine, software engineers charge from $30 to $70 per hour, while in Asia, especially in India, these prices are in the range of $10 to $40 per hour, while in the Philippines this ranges between $15 and $30. We know you'll make the right choice!
If you are ready to turn you concept into a marketable AR product, we invite you to partner with us. We bring innovative solutions to companies around the world, and we specialize in AR technology. Our world-class developers are experts in AR platforms, mobile app development, and in creating feature-rich solutions that are also scalable and robust.

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