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Augmented Reality Can Help Your Business to Sell Absolutely Anything
Is this statement correct? AR expands our physical world by adding layers of digital information to it. AR is manifested in a direct representation of the physical environment of the real world with superimposed computer sounds, video, graphics in such a way that changes person's perception of reality. And when we're in charge of the perception we can deliver our information in easier, more understandable and accessible way. Because when a brand wants to succeed it must create a strong emotional connection between the product and the customer, which is the task AR copes with the best.
We live in a time of digital transformation and connected users, when technology influences our choice every minute of life and in the coming years, consumer behavior will be even more dependent on devices. According to WalkerSands Communication research, the penetration of augmented reality gadgets in the US market is about 9%, and more than a third of consumers are willing to buy more online when they can "try" the product virtually.

Augmented reality improves the overall presentation of the product and client-product interaction, increases consumer involvement (40% of buyers are willing to pay more for the product, having experienced it with AR), opens up new advertising opportunities, and facilitates brand value growth.

Advantages of AR for consumers — the opportunity to try a product before buying in a comfortable place (at home, for example), examine the product from different angles, find out its advantages. In addition, the use of new technologies increases the trust and loyalty of customers to the brand. Advantages of AR for brands — increased marketing and satisfaction of the new generation of consumers — proactive consumers, millennials, shopping impressions, increasing sales conversion
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
and growth of consumption of the company's products.

Augmented reality is ideal for storytelling and additional experience for your clients. If we consider for example pharma/healthcare industry then that exceptional experience AR can offer to their consumers is utterly incredible and will definitely capture attention when the story will be unfolding in front of one's eyes! This niche is still vacant and highly attractive — only imagine how many more clients you can attract if you start showing them how a particular drug or biologically active additive works, which overall effect it has on organism and its particular organs, etc.

When customers are in a pharmacy shop, they can get lost among dozens of different products that are unknown to them. Choosing the right medication and the right brand can be a challenge. In theory, people can find relevant information on the Internet. At the same time, they will most likely need to double-check dozens of websites, and this process can take a long time.

AR offers a more efficient solution and provides completely new innovative opportunities for your consumers. While in a pharmacy, consumers can simply scan your product packaging (pills, medicines, dietary supplements, etc.) with the help of an application and a mobile phone camera. In an instant, they will have information about discounts, composition, reviews, recipes and much more right before their eyes! In such a way AR allows customers to interactively "communicate" with your product and makes it possible to receive all the information about it right on the spot in a few
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology

For instance, there can be created an app that allows your client to scan pills package and delve into AR experience seeing 3D model of a human being whose organs are highlighted in accordance to the effect this particular drug has on them. By tapping on each highlighted organ it'll zoom in and a user will be able to see its 3D model much closer and watch a full-fledged video of a drug migration in the organism — starting from the stage when a person takes a pill and finishing with the stage when a drug stops working. For children such videos can be implemented in the cartoon format, so they can associate themselves with heroes and characters from such videos and most likely to take a prescribed drug or mixture.

There can be released a dietary supplements batch where each specific biologically active additive has its own main hero — like different Vitamons, for example, — which help to boost your immune system, protect you from various viruses, diminish the risk of specific disease development, etc. So, when you hover a camera of your phone over a package of one of these supplements a responsible hero takes you to a journey around the organism and shows its usefulness in order to convince you to buy this product for boosting your health or improving its current condition. When a customer buys any product from this batch a Vitamon will present a discount coupon for further
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality will help make any application for any business really attractive and catchy. Such app will absolutely have a potential of perusing your customers they need this specific product from your particular brand, and AR helps them to make this decision quicker. Augment your products with Augbrite starting now! If you have any questions, contact us to find out how we can transform your customers' experience and boost your sales.
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