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Practical Usage of Augmented Reality in Real
Today technologies make the real estate industry change fast and enhanced inter-connectivity is already making a massive impact in the sector defining new ways of how customers find a property and how they view it. The internet still holds the top scores as one of the most popular resources with 95% of customers searching for real estate online, and a 51% actually finding their ideal home that way, saying National Association of Realtors research.

By using AR technology a real estate professional can create a lifelike 3D model of a home that is completely interactive. The model is much like a hologram, but a client can modify features of the home in the digital home replica.
Benefits of augmented reality in real estate
Brand-new options
People adore everything new, sci-fi and entertaining. And clearly, you can fully use their interest to advertise products with these innovative tools. Print catalogues and big boards with AR can be more interactive. Usage of Geotags helps to locate your items on sale in the real world, so customers can discover for themselves.

Simple to understand what you get
Augmented reality visualization help to show apartments to clients, adjusting the style, furniture, surroundings, etc. It can accurately visualize large buildings through augmented 3D models.

Save time and resources
Augmented Reality can help to form the first expression and to exclude not suitable variant beforehand the visiting it
What is The Technological Future of Real Estate Market?
Augmented Reality projection of the house on the table
While augmented reality is still in its infancy, it has been predicted that mobile AR could become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021. As technology advances, augmented reality will penetrate even more into real estate. It is also named a future critical part of real estate marketing.

The narrative problem that realtors face during the sale of real estate is to effectively describe how the property could look like, and not what it is at present. However, AR can help realtors not only to tell but also to show a more complete visual narrative about what a property can become, which can save time for both the seller and the buyer.

AR may also allow do-it-yourself open door tours. Instead of being limited to one or two days a week for real estate placement, which takes time to prepare and can be inconvenient for potential buyers, real estate agents can use AR to create a visual form of the house.

The future role of AR in real estate is transforming continually as real estate professionals harness the potential of providing a completely innovative experience to potential home buyers.

There has never been a more exciting and impressive way to bring meaning to the real estate experience than this technology provides. It is helping to engage potential buyers and drive sales.
Augmented Reality visualization of the future project in Real Estate
Augmented reality is becoming an increasingly popular technology in the industry, as it allows real estate professionals to offer a unique experience and perspective to potential buyers by digitally touring properties from anywhere in the world. Helping both agents and customers save time, and speeding up the buying process, this technology is only expected to grow further.
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