MVP Development
MVP is a best practice in the product development roadmap
Executive summary
  • 1
    MVP is a best practice in the product development roadmap
  • 2
    Conserve costs and reduce risks
  • 3
    Test your assumptions with a lightweight version of your product
  • 4
    Validate the value or pivot without investing many resources, time and efforts
  • 5
    Pivot your solution with no regrets
MVP development
Do you have a solution concept or a product idea? We do not recommend to jump into building a team and starting a fully fledged development initiative. The ideal way to start is to create a prototype, and continue with the MVP.

Creating an MVP is a proven method of testing new ideas and product concepts. That's because it provides a great ROI on the understanding if the problem really exists, and if you are building a proper solution for your clients. You will have the capability to validate your product or a solution with early adopters and fans during the closed beta.

Once you have initial results, you can approve the idea and continue to extend the MVP iteratively, or pivot and redesign the product.
Whats included?
  • Build a lightweight and cost-efficient version of your product
  • UX/UI prototyping included
  • Breakdown and estimation included
  • Flexible iterative development included
  • Cross-platform application from the day one
  • Interview with Augbrite's CTO, Solution Architect, and Lead UX Designer
  • NDA protected
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