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Augmented Reality for Brand and Product Promotion
Increase your brand awareness and boost product sales with augmented reality experiences
Hi, I'm Alice, I am a retail brand owner. We are passionate about designing our products and launching them to the market. I would like to share our excitement about the features and ideas we put into the product with our customers. I've heard that many Fortune 500 companies are investing in AR experience for their products and I'm ready to experiment with this technology for my brand promotion.

I believe in the value of a brand for my business. Only the most appealing brands flourish in retail, because of the high competition.

I would like to evaluate the capabilities of Augbrite offering. Here is the list of what I want, and I still have some questions and doubts.

Retail Brand Owner
Jaguar F-Pace Full Size in Augmented Reality
Augbrite has created an augmented reality automotive showcase featuring full-size Jaguar F-Pace placed in the Jaguar car saloon. You can change colors, open doors, and even drive virtually on a trade show, street or even your backyard.
Jaguar F-Pace Full Size​ in Augmented Reality
Wish list
Alice wants to achieve the following
I want to promote my brand across my customers so they will understand why my product is the best pick for them. I would like to highlight the brand values and the benefits of my product for my specific customer.
I would like to provide my customers with an exclusive experience and stay ahead of my competitors.
I want to build loyalty and up-sell/cross-sell my other products to the same client and to distinguish my product from the competitor's. I want my clients to perceive the quality and uniqueness of my products, to shift his/her perception of price.
I want to convince parents if my product is for kids, and convince wives, if the product is for husbands.
I want to try a new way to advertise my products because classical advertising is expensive.
Augmented Toy Car Model
Augbrite and VisionLib created a demo of joint capabilities for Mattel, featuring a toy car augmented with a Jaguar F-Pace 3D model. You can see in the video, how the car can get new features using augmented reality, like animations, changing colors, special effects, sounds, and some others, not showcased in the video. This is just a scratch on the surface, get in touch with us to know more!
Augmented Toy Car Model
I've heard its quite expensive, isn't it too early to start?
It really depends on the features that you want to include in the experience. The pricing is flexible and depends on the number of features you want to include. Thanks to using our AR platform and 3rd party frameworks, our AR products are affordable for most businesses.
If that's affordable, can I get the world class quality?
The affordable cost is because we use Augbrite AR platform, 3rd party frameworks and required optimal amount of custom work. The quality is a major component of AR experience, and we work with the top designers, artists, developers and product managers. Our prices are competitive, and not cheap, you can find cheaper offers on the market.
I am not sure about the good ROI of the experience!
You do not have to build a complicated and costly experience at once. We recommend experimenting with AR by iteratively adding features, because analyzing consumer behavior and activities gives you measurements and insights on how to improve the ROI.
If I outsource our promotion campaigns to a marketing agency, should I proceed with Augbrite for the AR experience?
We could cooperate with your agency, use your brand book to create the experience with our marketing team or partners. Also, we can work with you directly to create the overall concept together. We have experience in all of these scenarios and could recommend the best way after discussing this matter in more details.
Retail Product Promotion with Augmented Reality
This is a simple showcase on how you can promote your retail products with just a few clicks with Augbrite technology. Augmenting Old Spice, Lavazza, Toblerone and Heineken with the existing promo video advertisements result in a higher attention and customer satisfaction. You can include a product assembly guide or unwrapping video, or even a prize lottery.
Retail Product Promotion with Augmented Reality​
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There are multiple features available for your AR experience, let's start reviewing it one by one
2D promotional video
2D promotional videos are usually available from the existing brand promotional campaigns and can easily be integrated for additional display of advertisings.
Social network integration
Social network integration is the cornerstone capability of the application. By liking the experience in social networks, customers will promote the product and brand, and this is one of the most valuable things that buyer can do for the brand.
Usage analytics
Usage analytics is another cornerstone of the application. A company should be aware of the usage statistics of the AR experience to measure ROI and customer engagement.
360 videos
360 videos can be included in the experience by using the branded Unofficial Cardboard parcel, that can be easily transformed into a simple headset with the smartphone inside. This feature is provided by our Unofficial Cardboard partner.
Animated narration and storytelling
Animated narration and storytelling is the capability to deliver a brand message through an appealing character, that will appear on top of the product. Quite similar to the Starwars movie hologram.
Brand/product animations and interactive elements
Brand/product animations and interactive elements can be added to the experience to showcase some additional product features, for examples the advanced technology used for the sports shoes sole. A customer could be able to interact with the animation by turning, zooming and picking the part of animation to get additional information.
Quizzes about the product or brand
Quizzes about the product or brand can promote brand awareness and engage the customer in the information exchange. Through this experience, a company can poll the customer and gather the required information.
Collectible mechanics
Collectible mechanics are a great choice for stimulating multiple purchases of smaller items, for example, Pez candies mentioned before. This mechanic provides multiple animations or pieces of animations that are collected with every purchase.
Voice chatbot
With this capability, a customer will be able to use the most natural way to interact with the experience, just by talking to it. Companies can gather the required feedback and poll the buyer via the natural speaking channel.
Prize lottery
There is one gap between the customer and the AR experience - the need to install the smartphone application. We are able to bridge this gap by using an old good way to make people participate, by allowing them to win monetary or non-monetary prizes. This addon is easily configurable and provides additional analytics and reporting capabilities.
Augmented Reality for Brand and Product Promotion for Your Business
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