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How to Make your Business Card to Stick out from the Crowd of Others in 2019?
A business card is one of the first points of communication with your potential client. Only think about a number of such cards that have been lost in your wallet and how many of them you have already thrown away. Now you understand how necessary it is not to get lost in the crowd together with competitors! By making sure your business card looks modern, you care about your own reputation. Because the fashionable design that corresponds to the latest global trends shows the target audience your progressive view on business and the desire to be one step ahead of your rivalry. Now we will tell in more detail how to attract attention to your brand with the help of catchy and trendy business card design together with innovative technology.
Nowadays, company contact information is not the only purpose of a business card. A point is that marketers have developed cards into an efficient instrument to convey the brand idea of the company. Though, the design of a business card starts to be a part of the brand creation if it is exceptional and unforgettable. The more modern-day a business card appears — the higher chance your target audience will be interested in it.

Another aim of a business card is to astound clienteles. Moreover, impressing receivers is the utmost significant motive for generating diversities of business card designs. Therefore, getting contact information, the client should receive a decent understanding of the company and brand's main message.

Business venders are forced to compete in their niche markets. They crave to investigate all the possibilities to pull the attention of consumers to their goods or services. For them a business card is a mean to deliver a vision of the company.

The thing is to generate a card design that exceeds client expectancies. Cards should swiftly catch attention to your company values, have company dyes and logo — these
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
basics explicitly demonstrate a brand idea to the audience, so graphic designers must experiment to generate exclusive designs that can and should stand out among the masses of others.

Design minimalism

Business cards are mainly intended to inform the receiver about the company's business and its contact information. Each business card has a company mobile number, website and email addresses, etc., and these details should be presented in a simple manner.

Addressees must distinguish contact details at a glimpse. Simple graphic design ensures that a possible consumer concentration on the details right away without being distracted by any additional lavish features. Thus, this style is about avoiding lavish designs and retaining design minimalistic, while not missing its complexity.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Delivering company's brand idea

The design of a business card should also convey to potential consumers a message about your brand. The brand idea is in its color patterns, pictures and logos, symbols and other marketing materials.

Today trendy business cards completely reflect the style of company's website. Make the same design, and then the target audience will recognize the brand at a glance. Free room is additionally used in the context so the contact details are unmistakably noticeable.


Absolutely huge fonts that fill the entire space of business cards from edge to edge are very trendy nowadays. This trend allows to focus the attention of the target audience on the most important. And a huge font is your loud statement that you are a leader in your field. Because shallowing is a habit of modest people, and modesty is not peculiar to leaders.

Large font straightaway attracts the attention of audiences to the title of the enterprise and its slogan. The font should express the character of your brand, so it is best to use the font that have been already implemented in previous marketing promotions.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
A bit of humor and creativity + clever slogan

Using a clever slogan or humorous design, you deliver the positive emotions to your target audience, and it is always appreciated and remembered. Words put influence on the thinking process, so placing a sharp statement concerning your enterprise will do your business card design more suitable to customers.

The perception of a business card depends on its design and visual presentation. If by the nature of your business activity you can allow the use of cartoon characters, graffiti, funny collages and other unusual components, feel free to do this. If you have to stick to a more restrained business image, try to make the business card as stylish and elegant as possible. As for a slogan, choose the one that conveys your company values and brand message at their best.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology

Interactive business cards are much better memorized by a person, because during the study and understanding of the main design feature, his attention is maximally concentrated. Place on the business card various entertaining things, such as a puzzle, opening doors or windows, mobile elements, etc.

Many designers create interactive business cards, so clients have additional opportunities for examining. Most interactive projects are designed to give small pieces of info. The user can interact with a card to pull out the rest of additional information.

Some graphic designers have created double or three-layer cards. Nevertheless, when creating interactive projects there's still no need to forget that consumers will not spend too much time studying a card — so, strive for simplicity!

The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
A business card can tell a lot more about a person or a company if you use augmented reality technology in it. It will significantly expand the functionality of a business card! It is possible to display on any mobile device the audio/video information, photos, 3D models, interviews, resumes, company's presentation, links to social networks with the ability of immediate pass on it, email and phone, and whatever else you'd like. It is very convenient, because in a small business card is not so easy to integrate all that we would like and AR technology makes this possible and as an additional bonus — super interactive.

One of the biggest flaws of a paper business card is its steadiness as if you change your website address, phone number or logo it will be a tricky task to fix this for your business card — in order to do so you'll have to reprint the whole edition that causes additional costs and time loss. With AR on the other hand you can change all needed information using your PC only which is super convenient, plus saves your time and money. Also that's a great feature that will be useful for your clients as well. For example, in order to call the cardholder via Skype you just click on the icon with the phone, which appears on the screen along with the rest of the information, and the special application will do everything for you.

Since such a business card can contains a large amount of different information, the method of switching between contact information and a portfolio can be the following: to switch between sections simply turn the card in front under a different angle to the camera or simply wave it. So a plain piece of cardboard can be turned into a detailed digital copy of its owner and even more interactive component can be added.

A business card with augmented reality increases the brand awareness and the level of customer loyalty, increases the flow of new customers, ensures constant
communication with them and establishes the growth of orders and profits of the company.

At first glance, a "live business card" is no different from the usual business card and carries the same set of standard information. But once the user launches a special mobile application and hovers the camera of his device over an image, a huge amount of additional information appears on the surface of a regular business card, which certainly causes the WOW effect and helps attract an unprecedented interest to your product or service, and also has a positive effect on the brand formation of your company on the market and provides an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart from your conservative competitors!
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