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The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
After the successful release of Pokémon Go, many investors have become interested in Augmented Reality. Although even before this breakthrough game AR technology was successfully implemented in companies such as Snapchat and Facebook. But Pokémon Go project has shown that AR has a bright future that promises huge profits. The information varies, but experts estimate that the growth of the digital realities market will be from $45 to $94 billion by 2023. This is due to the fact that digital realities can be used for almost any task that is possible in reality!
Almost any process that can be performed in the real world can be replicated in AR. For the business sector, this means that a large number of their services can take place in AR — from support and marketing to financial departments and HR. Companies will no longer need to open physical offices, because customers will be able to solve problems and use the full range of services without leaving their homes.

Futuristic films ("Blade runner" or "Ghost in the shell") add fuel to the fire of burning minds with enthusiasm. Conferences and congresses dedicated to AR attract the attention of leading technical experts from around the world, the world's largest brands develop their own AR applications. The optimism of experts is justified by the fact that GPUs and sensors in smartphones are being improved, at the same time becoming cheaper.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
AR is developing in two directions: on smartphones and tablets, cameras of which are becoming more sophisticated, as well as on the Internet of things (wearable gadgets, integration with devices) — in this context AR glasses are most often discussed. Applications for smartphones are confidently conquering the market, turning from products designed for a short wow-effect into convenient and useful tools for everyday use.

The main hopes of industry enthusiasts are connected with overcoming the existing limitations and bringing technology to a new level:

Solving everyday tasks. The increasing saturation of the information environment will require from developers simple and elegant solutions that don't interfere with user's communication with the outside world, but rather help in solving routine tasks. Minimalistic interfaces and the most inconspicuous and unobtrusive user interaction will be the key to the world of AR.

An interesting solution is combining AR and brainwave readings. Wearable devices allow you to collect and interpret information about the state of a person: track the level of stress, determine the mood and some of the user's needs. For example, if you travel and feel tired, the AR layer will display the nearest hotels. Exemption from routine and increasing personal effectiveness lead to a higher quality of life.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
And this is important, because we are developing technologies in order to make people happier.

Informational environment. Improving the technology of tracking, computer vision and cameras in the near future will reach the point at which all visual information will be available for computational analysis. An interactive environment opens up dizzying prospects in all spheres of human activity.

Analysis of environmental objects and their state can significantly reduce costs, the number of errors and the required resources for any high-tech enterprise. So far, the most sought-after fields for the implementation of AR applications remain marketing and advertising.

Advertising in AR will become a familiar and even annoying factor, and the main events will take place in the sphere of production and education. Mastering AR technology will become a new stage in the IT consolidation process — another step of large enterprises towards the needs of their employees.

Creativity and communication. However, most experts agree that AR will dominate the technology market only when the opportunities for content generation are open to everyone. The complexity and high cost of AR development prevents its overall spread. Affordable AR will give impetus to the development of social services. As soon as this experience becomes personal, as soon as it can be shared with friends, the popularity of technology will increase significantly.

For many of us, AR is already part of everyday life. And doesn't matter if we use it ourselves or review the content created by those who use it. And we are talking about social networks, of course. Today there are three platforms that use augmented reality technology:

Snapchat: AR technology allows users to try different masks on themselves. The masks are animated, that is, they move as the user moves.

The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Instagram: in Instagram stories, you can apply advanced filters that "stick" to your face or screen. As in Snapchat, there are some animated filters that imitate facial expressions.

Facebook Messenger: users can have fun by applying filters to their photos or videos.

In the next 5-10 years, we will witness how AR will gradually conquer the world. Based on the survey data, 99% of firms that invested in XR change and are ready to change their business plans at any time relying on market trends, since it is still too young and changeable. Experts say: all companies whose activities are related to high technology should be ready for the AR expansion. So, start exploring and using augmented reality today and our team will gladly give you a hand with that!
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