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What if we Use Augmented Reality to Motivate People to Take Care about their Health Starting from Young Age?
Today we start with our new section "What if…", where we are going to share with you our thoughts, ideas and solutions aimed at Augmented Reality technology implementation in pharmaceutical sector. Maybe among these ideas you'll find the one that fits the best for exactly your business! According to forecasts, augmented reality will become the next trillionth industry due to how it can change our way of life. The true power of augmented reality is its ability to use visual information as an input signal, process it and provide valuable information directly in the context of user interaction.
Beauty and health are interrelated and indivisible concepts. Our lifestyle directly affects how we look. The condition of hair, skin, nails, weight and shape, as well as mood in general, depends on the general well-being and health of the body.

Since a healthy lifestyle is in trend nowadays: practicing sports, eating healthy food and consuming vitamins, quitting bad habits and eliminating risks of serious diseases development — is a popular practice all over the world, this fact has inspired us for an idea of AR application that in visual and interactive way will show the users benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the effects of smoking, alcohol, fast food, etc.

The App will also suggest you ways how to improve you current condition based on your face scan. Moreover, it will be very helpful for people who try to quit smoking or drinking as application will guide you with advices on necessary vitamins, cosmetics, water consumption, etc. In the modern world when people are always in a rush and sometimes, they forget to fully monitor their health this app will come in handy and remind people about importance of their health.

This AR app will demonstrate the metamorphosis of your appearance once you point a camera of your smartphone at your friend or use a selfie camera to examine your own changes. For example, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption have a negative impact on appearance: gray complexion, porous, dry, lifeless skin, deep wrinkles, problems with teeth, hair loss — this app will evaluate your skin condition and provide you with recommendations on decreasing alcohol consumption together with taking specific vitamins your organism lack and using moisturizing creme to hydrate your skin (as alcohol causes body dehydration, and it is the skin that water leaves in the first place), to use eye patches with hydrogel base, apply facial masks with vitamin C, offer possible treatment of rosacea if you have any, etc.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
The next one interesting feature would be that by face scan, based on this data and your entered age and gender, the application will determine your predisposition to specific diseases you may have in future and recommend you preventive methods and procedures starting from now. Such app will help you to avoid and eliminate the risk of heart attacks, thrombosis, strokes, headaches, cerebral hemorrhages etc.

Another advantageous purpose of this AR app is that depending on the number of your bad habits it determines the specialization of the doctor you should be examined by on a regular basis, redirects you to his page and automatically makes the appointment request. All this is done found on your geolocation, so you are going to deal with the best specialists in your neighborhood

As we already mentioned above, fitness and working out is very popular nowadays. But before starting the training process, it is very important to decide what type of body constitution yours belongs to, since literally everything depends on it: the type and intensity of training, the frequency of approaches, the need and duration of rest, as well as the diet. According only to the proportions of your face, this application will precisely determine which body type you have.

This will be useful to know not only for training purposes, but also to learn more about the weak points of a particular body type and most common diseases associated with each. For instance, ectomorphs have high chance of scoliosis development, as well as nervous and cardiovascular diseases. Mesomorphs same as endomorphs are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
When it comes to proper nutrition improper diet instantly affects the condition of the skin and body, especially this harmful influence affects skin on the face. Products that are included in your daily menu, directly affect the health of the whole organism. We really are what we eat and this is true — hence it is recommended to exclude from the diet fried, fatty, salty and spicy foods, as well as fast food.

AR app based on your face scan will suggest to diversify your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, poultry, boiled or steamed meat, for a side dish — cereals or legumes, grilled vegetables, as vitamins and minerals contained in such products nourish the body from the inside and help to return the external beauty. If the body still receives an insufficient amount of nutrients, the application will offer to replenish the body's reserves with the help of vitamin-mineral complexes, providing you with shop addresses where you can buy those as well.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Once famous scientist Ilya Mechnikov said that people begin to take care of health at that age when it is irretrievably lost. This AR application will change this approach forever! It contains learning element and its main advantage is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and help in the fight against bad habits. Visibility will allow people to see what consequences habits that seem now to be harmless can lead to, and interactivity and informativeness will facilitate to find an approach to changing any person's lifestyle for the better!
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