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How Does Interactive and Visual AR Presentation of a Product Benefit your Business and Affect Sales?
Humanity has a rather challenging way of understanding how the world works. Earlier people believed and accepted only the existence of reality. After the invention of the Internet, the world has "divided" into reality and virtuality and it became quite difficult for us to imagine that people used to live without the Web. But it turned out that there is also something between real and virtual: there are at least two more "layers". One of them is augmented reality, which experts recognize to be the new media — it is the most effective tool of the modern marketer, an indispensable assistant in the presentation of goods & services, and the best intermediary between the consumer and the product.
Augmented Reality generates capturing and exceptionally perceptible content. AR has a superpower of turning print data into interactive content or transform entire areas into immersive AR experiences with user's constant participation, so he feels like an integral part of what's happening. Involvement in augmented reality has an extraordinary influence on our potential to acquire a new information and keep it in our memory. A research by Neuro-Insight discovered that the part of the brain accountable for memory encoding detected the increase in the level of activity when using AR and moreover the levels of visual attention were nearly two times higher than without AR. This is a sure indication of AR's capacity to create much stronger reaction than its non-AR counterparts that in its turn means higher user's involvement.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
The influence augmented reality has on information retention happens to be very useful and efficient when it comes to presentation of a new product or service your company implements, or interactive and visual delivery of your company's mission and vision. AR will let your clients to quickly absorb and keep delivered information in mind as this technology provides an exceptionally high level of attention — 45% higher than the one when watching TV or surfing the Internet. Plus, people experience a feeling of astonishment and surprise when become a part of augmented reality and get involved into visual presentation — this can explain extreme concentration, attention, involvement, emotional intensity, and in addition there's always a high level of personalization that creates WOW effect!
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Essentially, each product packaging is a TV that can run personalized scenarios — games for children or interactive information about the composition of a product for adults, which in its turn increases the degree of interaction, the intensity of emotional experiences and consumer involvement, and also greatly simplifies consumers' lives.

Augmented reality plays an increasingly important role in consumer behavior, helping to encourag e people to purchase things as well as facilitating shopping directly from the applications. If AR can help you get more out of the product by presenting how to use it correctly, showing additional layers of useful content about a product like provision of instructions through visualization on the packaging, it's expected that repeat purchases will be made in the augmented reality itself.

Twenty-first-century consumers expect that all the surfaces around them will be complemented by digital layers of content in the near future. And soon brands will change their perception of the space that surrounds consumer, because everything, from places and buildings to everyday products and even our own bodies, becomes a potential trigger for content which in multiple times increases opportunity to place visual information and chances for it to be noticed and memorized.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Augmented reality can be updated at any time, resulting in modifying content as your business transforms or rebuilds based on the feedbacks from your clients. Also, augmented reality is a highly effective instrument when it comes to storytelling — AR is perfect for presenting your brand's mission, vision, values, products and services, and based on the visual demonstration convincing your customers to choose your products among the competitors'.

When you create a touching piece of AR content you contribute to better grasping your vision by clients and facilitating associating themselves with your brand, which in its turn helps to retain your old customers and increase their loyalty to the brand as well as to attract an army of new ones, that in the outcome will significantly boost your sales.

Augmented reality is a solid experience for people in terms of interaction with a brand and memory encoding. Its ability to provide customers with these exciting moments of surprise and excitement will gradually grow. So, it's about time to think about how you can use AR in exactly your business to create an impressive experience of interaction with a brand that really excites your consumers and remains in their memory for a long period of time, and our team will gladly help you with the implementation process!
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