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Let's play a game: Augmented Reality solutions for Android
With the development of the mobile industry, games have rapidly come into the lives of modern gadget owners. Noteworthy is the fact that even people who prefer active leisure time and are skeptical of gaming applications often use games on their devices as a way to kill the time during a long waiting in line or during a lunch break. Such popularity of games is explained by their huge assortment in worldwide networks, different genre and stylistic orientation, which allows almost every gadget owner to choose an option corresponding to his interests and hobbies. In this article, we will talk about AR games, enhanced by AR technology for Android gadgets.
AR games are at the forefront of the gaming industry. They make possible to confront zombies and seek for supernatural beings in the real world. And all you need is a smartphone!

AR games with GPS support are the most thrilling ones. They use a real-world map and your location to create a unique gaming environment. Such games often have a plot, fantastic creatures and a quest component.

The example is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a free-to-play AR game that uses the player's location to build gameplay. Players are able to visit the real places to learn and use new spells, fight legendary beasts and meet familiar characters from the Harry Potter universe.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Shooters are the most commercial games. And now CS fans can meet their foes in reality. AR shooters from a first person allow to fight the enemy in your normal environment, protect your real home or local area and feel the incredible emotions!

The example is Zombie GO that brings fantastic stories about the zombie apocalypse to life. You must pass by your school, home, shop, etc., to be saved. Zombies appear at every turn and you will have to use a variety of weapons to save your life. The danger is near!
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
If you like sports in real life, you will surely enjoy doing it in AR. With AR sports games, you can play basketball right on your office desk or add a little adrenaline to your usual morning jog. Sports applications in AR are so different and so cool. You need to check them out!

Do you still have not enough motivation to jog every morning? Run the Empire is an AR game that will turn you into a running fanatic! You get levels, conquer lands, occupy the lands of other players and claim them your own. More jogging — more lands. But keep in mind — if you stop running, you will weaken your kingdom! The fate of your patrials depends on you!
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Doing quests in AR is absolutely fascinating — you explore the area, travel around the country, find treasures, meet new people and learn more about the world. Try AR quests and it's quite possible that after this video games will no longer seem so attractive to you. The vivid example is Geocaching — an AR treasure hunt game! It has followers all around the world and pushes you to investigate new places. It works pretty simple — via the Geocaching app in your smartphone you get directions on how and where to search for the cache. It may be on the side of a mountain or in a nearby building. You will find a cache, examine what is stored there and move it, so other people could participate in its finding.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
AR board and card games are suitable for both single and multiple players. Your table is a battleground, and a smartphone is the game itself. Now there is no need to buy board games — just a smartphone and a bit of free space is enough.

Warp Runner AR game will allow you not to get up from the table. Your hero is trapped in the real world and you need to help him escape. This AR game is created in the puzzle genre. You can transform the texture with your fingers and create a suitable escape path. You need to solve 16 puzzles to achieve the goal. The most interesting thing is that all this happens in your real environment.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Horror games in AR will crush your nerves and give you a huge amount of adrenaline — after all, it all happens right next to you! For example, Night Terror will turn your apartment or any other environments into a real horror movie! Demons and spirits are hiding around every corner! Will you be able to fall sleep after playing? Doubt it!
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
Another thing you should try is AR emodji — a feature that allows creating personalized animated emojis! The technology involves the creation of personalized 3D-Emoji, which will look like a smartphone user.

In order to get such emojis, you need to take a selfie using the front camera in a special application, which then allows you to create animated personalized emoji. The application creates stickers, which can then be used for correspondence in messengers. In this case, the user can change the clothes, hairstyle and accessories of his Emoji.

Samsung has already registered a patent in the US that will allow people to replace the video image of a person with AR-Emoji, which reflects the facial expression in real time. This virtual version of the person will allow video chats in cases when, for whatever reason, the user doesn't look quite presentable, but he still needs to take part in a video conference.
The Future of Augmented Reality Technology
So, AR in a modern gadget is giving a special exclusivity to the game theme. This kind of games definitely deserve your attention. Choose the ones that interest you by the genre and stylistic orientation, download them onto your devices and fill your free time with new sensations, effects and emotions, augmenting the reality with the gaming elements. Have fun!
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