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How to Maintain Healthy Relationships with your Child in the Era of Mobile Gadgets and Internet?
Teachers, psychologists, sociologists working with children, unanimously note: modern kids and teenagers are very different from those of previous generations. The reason for this is a rapid change in society and new conditions, requirements, rules and speed of life. Another feature of modernity is digitalization, due to which every house is filled with multiple gadgets nowadays. On the one hand, they open access to a wide variety of information, allow to communicate with people living in other cities and countries without leaving the room. But on the other hand, active virtual communication, which replaced live conversations, meetings, walks, visits, has alienated people from each other. In particular, the closest ones: children and parents. We believe you all have faced this problem and our company has a great solution for it. So, let's see how these very modern technologies can bring children and parents closer together again!
Children dream of spending time with their parents more often, nine out of ten children admitted. Nine out of ten families around the world become happier when they spend their free time with children, especially when playing games all together. The less time a person can spend with her/his children, the less happy she/he feels. This conclusion was made by researchers of LEGO company, that interviewed 13,000 families in 9 countries. The absolute majority of parents around the world (94 percent) have no doubt that games not only entertain children, but also have a positive effect on their socialization skills.

Modern children have become pioneers of a new kind of games, when the real, imaginary and virtual worlds come together. Children can build something from real things, and then use the gadget to send it to the virtual space and continue to play there. According to experts, the combination of realities allows to extract the maximum benefit for the child as games develop creativity and the ability to think critically. To get the most out of joint entertainment, parents should understand and accept this "multifaceted" way of thinking twenty-first-century children have and a journey into the virtual world together with them will make this process easier!
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Judging by the answers of the children themselves from different countries, computer games and other digital activities do not replace live communication for them. Consequently, at the same time, children and adolescents in the real world are becoming lonelier, less self-confident, and more reserved because of lack of live communication and interaction. Most of the small respondents (81 percent) answered that they prefer to play with their parents, rather than alone. And in order to help along changing the current situation and bring children and parents together our Augbrite team has developed AR Multiplayer — an innovative project that opens up a number of opportunities for both children and their parents and the whole family can play simultaneously! This application is a small game based on augmented reality technology — an environment that in real time augments the physical world, as we see it, with digital data using any digital devices — tablets, smartphones or others.

A markerless AR multiplayer game which will keep you racing against a mouse, or running away from a cat, wandering around a garden maze. Game consists of create/join multiplayer logic, AR setup and the game itself. It works really simple — you turn on our AR application, hover your gadget over any vertical surface (such as floor or table), it detects the plane and a labyrinth appears on top of it. And now you and your child can walk with a phone or tablet around the territory that your gadget has scanned within a maze — together with a cat and a mouse — where alternately the cat must catch the mouse and vice versa.

In our Chase AR game, we used network users connection. Two players setup a game, while being in the same or different locations - a room or a backyard.
Also, maze matching, where players may be on the same environment and see the maze from their devices in the same place or whatever worldwide and see each other maze.
For each new session Chase AR game creates unique maze to make gameplay interesting. It is not only generating floor and walls, but also randomly generates game environment such as rocks, boxes, plants, barrels, etc.

This solves a number of problems right away — first of all it allows parents to spend quality time with children, enhances communication and interaction processes in the family, provides parents with an opportunity to look at the world through their children's eyes which hereafter will facilitate better mutual understanding, during a team game children will learn to find compromises, overcome difficulties, and solve problems that arise on the way which are important skills to develop in the modern-day world.

Most moms and dads believe that technology can help their families become more united, and that digital entertainment can be creative and that virtual games bring them closer to the child. Many parents believe that creativity and the ability to think critically play a significant role in shaping the child's personal qualities.

Family AR game also develops the other most important skills in the children: for example, team games inside the virtual world, will teach a child logical and creative thinking, achieving goals and simply the ability to work in a team and parents will be perfect mentors for them, in the meantime giving their help and support. And when you cannot physically be near your children, for instance, you can be on a business trip or just at work, then you can play online and feel reunited with your child, so he or she will feel your constant attention and care.

Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
Parents from around the world agree that learning through the game is the best way to explain something to a child both simple and complex. That's why many parents speak in the favor of the fact to present material to children in schools in a gaming format, and 81% of children said that it was easier for them to learn when they are involved in a game process.

Interestingly, joint leisure is useful not only for children. Parents claim that the games have a good effect on their own well-being and happiness, that they help them to relax and feel connected with the child. Almost all the children surveyed said that the games make them happy (93%) and allow them to relax after a long day at school (87%).

That is why the ideal solution for a fun and informative leisure after a working/school day will be a virtual game with your family — this will help adults to relax and strengthen relationships with the child, and children will feel happy and involved in a family game activity that flows into building close and trusting relationships with parents, which is extremely important for a healthy relationship.
Augmented Reality for Events and Exhibitions, trying clothes with AR technology
The attraction of the game is that it develops and changes with each new generation, while its benefits remain unchanged. Digitalization gives families even more options. Modern games continue to evolve and combine digital and physical experiences as well as learning. The game remains a must for the younger generation, and our Augbrite team with our new project is trying to make sure that parents can provide the best experience for their children!

The test version is already avaliable here:
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